What to Bring

Before your appointment, make sure you bring the following documents:

  1. Social Security Numbers for all person’s filing and their dependents
  2. Tax ID of person providing childcare (if applicable)
  3. Proof of sources of income from: alimony, child support, pension, self-employment, and/or contract labor.
  4. 2009 Tax Returns
  5. Personal or Business Forms (if applicable):
  • W-2
  • 1099
  • Interest and Dividend Statements
  • Mortgage Statements
  • Real Estate Tax Bills
  • Closing Statements on any home bought or sold
  • Receipts
  • Education Expenses
  • Medical Expenses
  • Charitable Donations

If in doubt if you should bring it, BRING it! Please keep in mind that the more organized the papers are, the quicker the process!

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